Update on Murdoch Pizgatti’s Illegal Arrest

This is an update to the story:

I will be updating this page with anything new I hear. Updates will appear towards the top of this page.

(Remember that everyone online and at events knows him as Murdoch. The news articles will have him under Zach Horton. No one is hiding anything behind aliases, that would be pointless online in the first place. It’s just a first layer of defense, which is easily broken online. Just a note…)

08/11/2013 – ANOTHER great 2nd amendment rally in front of the Police Department. There was a ┬álarge turnout today as well. Hopefully this area gets the message. We do not budge when it comes to constitutional rights. Not now. Not EVER. The next update would be on the charges if there are any. At this point it seems the DA will drop the charges. I don’t believe Murdoch is looking to file a lawsuit at this time, according to his last radio interview.

08/10/2013 – Murdoch has his truck back. Over 80+ patriots and supporters of the constitution filed out onto the sidewalk and parking lot in front of the McAllen Police Department. Keep in mind that these men and women (and children) are open carrying in the VERY SAME parking lot that Murdoch Pizgatti (Zach Horton) was arrested within. The police department know they have made a mistake here. They even put up a cute meaningless sign in front of the door to show us their incredible grammar skills.

McAllen Police Department says Prohibited items are Prohibited

McAllen Police Department says Prohibited items are Prohibited

08/09/2013 Evening Time – Update at this time is that Murdoch has received is phone and weapons back from the Police Department. This in itself is good, it shows an understanding that they were in the wrong. Tomorrow is Saturday, and an Open Carry rally is scheduled to take place at noon in front of the Police Department.

08/09/2013 @ 10:00AM – Last I’ve heard from him, Murdoch is doing fine. He was glad to get some real food in him and have a bathroom to use. A few bullet points:

  • He was not read his rights until the next morning when he was standing in front of the Judge
  • He asked for a bathroom at one point and was directed to the drain of his tiny cell; he was instructed to use that
  • His phone was kept as “evidence”
  • His truck is officially “on hold”
  • His knife was confiscated illegally.

Everyone needs to try to make it out tomorrow who is able. There are multiple carpool options going on if needed.

08/08/2013 – Open Carry Texas members and others who support started throwing funds together for the bond. The bond was set at an exorbitant amount of $25,000. If I understand correctly, a lower amount was accepted with a local bondsman that was contacted. Big thanks are in order for OCT and all who supported on Facebook to get Murdoch released, and a ride home as quickly as possible. Of course he isn’t going home…he is going to the protest SATURDAY AT NOON! We need everyone there who can make it…

08/07/2013 @ 06:30PM – Arrested for Criminal Trespassing and Weapon in a Prohibited place. Trespassing is later dropped (once the phone lines of the Police Department blew up).

I want to point out here that most of the news articles have the order of events WRONG.

Murdoch FIRST entered the station requesting to take photos OUTSIDE with his rifle. He was at this point illegally SEARCHED (4th amendment violation) and his knife was confiscated. His knife (I’ve seen it in person and have seen it measured) is UNDER the illegal limit of 5.5 inches. He was well within right to have it, and it wasn’t on display… they had to illegally search to confiscate this knife. He left as he was instructed to do. He THEN later decided to file a formal complaint on the officers involved in violating his rights.

Throughout all of this his RIFLE WAS IN THE TRUNK of his truck, in the parking lot. He calls ahead to let the police department know that he would be coming to file a complaint. Upon arriving, he is ordered away from the car with a handgun pointed at his face. He is ordered onto the ground, and then arrested. THEN his vehicle was searched, and his rifle confiscated as well. After a long evening of waiting, the bond is set at $25,000!

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  2. Chris says:

    What Came of this? Were the charges dropped? How can we help? Please keep us updated to this injustice and how we can help

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