Unschooling and Homeschooling

The world we live in is a scary place as a parent and as a child. As a child we don’t know the fear of specifics, only a the vague looming presence. As a parent we want many things for our children. We want our children to be strong, healthy, and smart. We want our children to be successful in whatever pursuit they may pursue throughout their lives. To do this we have to give them the best upbringing we are able to provide. The best raising at home, the best education, the best food and nutritional information they need to stay healthy and ahead of the game.

We place them in the best schools. Or so we think. If you have read my article on compulsory schooling then you might know how I feel about this issue. From any study done, there is considerable psychological damage from the current school system. If your child is one that might excel, he or she is held back and not allowed to advance. Personally I was always held back, and told I wasn’t allowed to read certain books above my “level” or learn about new things. Most schools stifle creativity and play. Learning is not all about test scores and book smarts, we put too much emphasis on these things. Real learning comes from play and imagination. It comes from discovery and interaction.

Have you ever just let your child explore? Of course you have, when they were babies. A toddler is often allowed free time to explore their space, play with their own toys and learn about the environment. Humans are animals, and like any animal we need room to grown and learn things on our own. If we constantly show our children the way, there is no chance in hell that they will walk the path we point towards. Whether a two year old, or a fifteen year old, children must have room to advance on their own. We learn from watching others, and doing. Certain things need to be taught such as reading, writing, and simple mathematics. However enjoying music is not taught. Appreciating someone’s art work is not taught or learned behavior. Art, music, and philosophy… these important elements of human nature are not just taught in a school. We must learn and develop these skills ourselves.

When I say you should homeschool your children, I mean it. Before I entered the system I was a homeschooled child, I am better off because of it. If you really want to instill your values into a child, homeschool them. Children pick up right and wrong from those around you. If you send your child into catholic school with perverted priests, or public schools where they ban evolution in the classroom then that is up to you. When I was young I was taught to question everything, including authority. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, this is how we learn. Modern public schools will make your child feel downtrodden and kicked around. I’m not talking about being outcast from other children, that they will get over. I’m talking about from the teachers and people in authority positions. In modern public school, you are dumbed down into a lower state of learning and exploration on purpose.

The government doesn’t want your child to learn. The 12+ year schooling process is similar to many long term torture techniques. This is combined with brain numbing and brainwashing techniques. Your child is in this institution day after day, often too tired to do anything in the evening but sleep. Weekends keep the burden of school hanging over their heads with homework and stress. Childhood should be a fun memory, a joyous time, not a numbing injection of stress work. Where is the time for play and exploration? When I surf the internet (which I don’t condone more than a few hours a day for children) I find all kinds of information. We would be fools to not let our children take advantage of this wondrous learning tool! Your child wants to know where the sun goes at night? Or perhaps why spiders spin webs? Maybe your child wants to know all about the duck-billed platypus. Even you Christians wouldn’t deny your child the right of learning about topics that interest them immensley?

This is exactly what the public schools want, to deny your child’s creativity and free thought. In school you learn what they want, when they want you to learn it. This goes even down to what “level” of book you want to read. This is rediculous. With the fluoride in the water sedating us, mercury in the vaccines causing autism disorders/cancer, and everything else…why add on brainwashing from school? You should care about your children as a parent. You should want them to learn.

If you feel you must follow the rules, please find your local branch of government and ask about the regulations. See what accredited program you need to follow. Even a cookie cutter program, if taught at home will do wonders for your child’s development. If you want to go the route of complete homeschool or unschooling then more power to you! To be clear, unschooling does not mean no proper education at all. For the most part it just means embracing what I have already explained, and that is just that children need room to explore and grow. If you allow them to ask questions and choose topics to learn about, they will be interested. Children WANT TO LEARN! Limit TV and video game usage in a day, force them to play outside and with other children. There are many homeschool groups with other parents and children to meet. If there is no local group, form one.

Read to your children often when they are younger. As they grown and age they will thank you for it. Instilling an appreciation of books is important, this next generation will need to appreciate books and written knowledge as much as technology. Technology is a tool, but not THE tool. If you have the time or the means, consider homeschooling or unschooling you child. A deschooling project perhaps is in order, if your child has been in the public system for years already. Your government wants complacent slaves to work in this corporate world. They don’t want us smart and sober, because then we start to ask questions and see the truth. Be part of the solution, find a way to homeschool your children if you are able.

There are an increasing number of stories where vaccines are given without parental consent. News articles where there has been a “disaster’ and parents cannot get their children. The system can literally kidnap your child and take them to an undisclosed location, and not let you see your own child! They do NOT need your permission for vaccines or anything anymore. I personally work my self into the ground if I need to, my child will not enter the system for as long as I can help it. We don’t want your fluoride, and mercury. We do not want your education system, your slave factory. We don’t want to put our children in for twelve years and receive a sheep in return. I love my bright, intelligent toddler and wouldn’t trade that for the world. My message to parents is to be part of the solution, wake up and spread the word.

Unschooling. Deschooling. Homeschooling. Whichever way you go, whatever you want to call it… for the majority of children there is nothing better this day in age. Do not let your children be enslaved by the system.

-Matthew Pizgatti

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