Justice Halls

Justice Halls

I walk through the corridors by night,
I wonder what could have gone wrong
What could instill this fright
What could make us sing their song

I realize it’s all been planned
It’s happening as I speak
Little do we know we’ve been damned
They think we defeated, weak

They started from young
We were lead astray
I thought truth they sung
Until I saw what was on the tray

Lies they fed
Hoping to deceive
We’re safe in our head
Or so we believe

Truth be told, they knew the cost
But they saw the profit before
Now soon, it seems all is lost
The world a Babylonian whore

Arise I tell you, all is not lost
Arise for the day is near
We will arise, no matter the cost
It should be us they fear

I tell you this, to be prepared
To let the whisper drive on
Keep your neighbor, from being ensnared
It might start at breaking of dawn

We will win in the end, from the clutches of greed
They will see the error of their lies
We will shake free, rip up evil’s seed
Until every last remnant dies

It will repeat, as history does
But pray we shall be more prepared
Justice is blind, it always was
To be it’s eyes we have dared

I still walk the corridors by night
Now I know what went wrong
The people forgot they can fight
They’ve once broken free of this song

They say those that forget the past
Are always due to repeat
I wonder how long this cycle can last
I suppose I might should have a seat

I can walk the corridors by day
Although a bit less inviting
I wonder what people might say
To see me internally fighting

So we struggle through life
So much ’till it ends
How bloody the knife
The pain that it lends

You walk the corridors, although unaware
I see you often, though you quickly depart
You slowly will wake, see what is fair
And will help with the quest, to free the heart

These corridors are lonely
I hope the crowd grows
The wish “If only, If only”
Their hopefulness shows

Walk with me, you might see a change
I confess I do not know when
This new age might be strange
But certainly justice can’t be sin

I walk the corridors by day and night
Hoping it will help make the change
We will fight for justice and what is right
Its up to you on just how to arrange

By: Matthew Pizgatti

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"I Believe in Freedom. I believe in an educated populace. Above all I believe that most people have something to contribute to the world. My words and actions may mean little to some, but have great meaning to others. All I can do, day after day, is strive to do better than the day before. I want to share any knowledge I have of the world and skills I possess, so that others may benefit. I am always trying to learn about my hobbies/passions and always trying to improve my life as well as the lives of those around me."

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