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This country, and the world as a whole, needs more individuals with integrity. I’ve come to the conclusion, as I believe we all have, that you cannot complain about the problem if you are unwilling to be part of the solution. It is easy to blame corruption on businessmen and politicians and others in general.

Running a business however, does not make you a terrible person. Running for governor does not require a soul of pure evil. The issue you start to have is when ethics are abandoned.  You should run your business in an ethical manner; if you believe making a profit is not the only thing of importance in this world, you are part of the solution.

The difference between great men or women and others, is the courage to act. If you sit idly by while corruption or ignorance prevails, you are no better than those who perpetrate such acts against the world. I believe in exposing corruption, educating the masses, preparing to survive the worst if it shall happen while contributing to a better world, and above all living in an ethical way that benefits everyone.

No one is perfect, this is part of what defines us as individuals. Everyone has a passion. I have a few. I feel honored in being able to share the knowledge of my interests, so that others may learn from my experience. This website is a portfolio of sorts, representing various projects and events. It was started independently by Matthew Pizgatti.

Each person (with few exceptions) is born with the ability to think with logic and reason; each person in the world is born with the knowledge of ethical behavior. Only the delusional feign ignorance of such things.You know when you are acting in a less than honorable way. Most of the issues in the world are brought about by those who remain ignorant with purpose and diligence.

Our goal is inherent in living life. Wherever corruption lives, you must dig it out from the root. If you have discovered a skill or passion, pass it on so that the world may progress and enjoy it. The world needs a plethora of projects ongoing at once so that we all may continue to progress. I, Matthew, can align myself with many and it still won’t save the world. Each of us and each of you can make the choice to pick a side and continue to help the world along. There is nothing tedious or boring about living life and sharing your passions.

Here you can see things that I are doing… jump in the mix and contribute to the world.

– Matthew Pizgatti


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