Come and Take it Temple Texas!

A great event going on in Temple, Texas, on June 1st. Below is an excerpt of the information. Bring your long guns and join the march. Murdoch and Tony Pizgatti maintain which has more information.

We will be gathering for a legal armed open carry march to raise public awareness of gun laws in Texas. It is partially in response to the Temple Police Department violating the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of Active Duty MSGT Christopher J. Grisham HERE. Please join us all. We will be exercising our rights as free men and women. Be part of the solution. All permits and armed march route has been approved and coordinated with the city and local authorities. Come out for music, great speakers, food and a march around the police station and town square.

 Half Page Flyer

When:  June 1st
Where: Temple, TX
Venue: Community Market 212 S. Main St.
Time:  10:00am-4:00pm

Here is the most direct link to the information:
f you cannot make it, please help by donating on the page above. Any help is appreciated. Do not let our rights be trampled!

-Matthew Pizgatti

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