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Burn the Flag? – Offensive and Overblown

Would you allow a flag burning in your vicinity? Does it offend you to see one burnt? These seem like reasonable questions to ask. In reality, almost everything in life comes down to personal choices, preferences, and a few logic … Continue reading

Unschooling and Homeschooling

The world we live in is a scary place as a parent and as a child. As a child we don’t know the fear of specifics, only a the vague looming presence. As a parent we want many things for … Continue reading

Stay Informed

Stay Informed 11-11-15-18-33-01   -Matthew Pizgatti

Compulsory Schooling

Compulsory Schooling I think one of the biggest problems is the issue of compulsory schooling, schooling that is FORCED upon you until a certain age. There is a movement being referred to as the “deschooling” and “unschooling” movement. “Ivan Illich … Continue reading