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Justice Halls

Justice Halls I walk through the corridors by night, I wonder what could have gone wrong What could instill this fright What could make us sing their song I realize it’s all been planned It’s happening as I speak Little … Continue reading

Fascist America

Fascist America Wrapped in a flag, Laid on a Cross, If that’s the disguise, I feel we’re at loss… I try to contain, The madness within, I fear others don’t see, So how do we win? They go about their … Continue reading

Can’t Stop

Can’t Stop I sit alone in this cell, desolate and useless I dwell they turn off the lights I’m left in dark here come all the frights they make no remark to all my screams pleasure to them is it … Continue reading

Silence and Sound

Silence and Sound *Note: I wrote this when I was much younger, around 10 or so I believe. I thought out of my younger stuff it was one I should put up because I always liked it. Just judge according … Continue reading

Selfish Between Dimensions

Selfish Between Dimensions A fleeting glance over the rooftop, Gives me meaning as I fly, I want to go, no time to stop, To rest would surely mean I die. You care not, except for yourself, That’s the world, and … Continue reading

Matthew’s Ultimate Philosophy For Living

Important Edit: This was published in 2007. I would have been about 15 years old when I wrote it. It is obviously skewed to that effect and I’ve learned and expanded since then. I don’t believe in hiding progression and rough … Continue reading