Burn the Flag? – Offensive and Overblown

Would you allow a flag burning in your vicinity? Does it offend you to see one burnt?


These seem like reasonable questions to ask. In reality, almost everything in life comes down to personal choices, preferences, and a few logic problems. Logic and ethics really go hand in hand. In the majority of cases, the solutions easily present themselves.

The simplest solution is often the correct solution but sometimes this is easier described than applied. This is especially true when emotions come into play. Quite often you have to take a moment out of your day and think deeper into why you feel the things that you feel. It is perfectly acceptable to have feelings and to express them. To infringe upon another person’s freedom to do the same however, will never be acceptable in a well functioning and free society.

To break this down into the simplest terms: Do you believe in having personal property? That is to say, if you own an item that you purchased, do you believe that you have the right use that item as you see fit? If I purchase a ring, as an example, am I free to melt that ring down to forge into a different item?

If your answer to the above is that you don’t believe in owning property, then we are on different pages to begin with and I would refer you to explore the concepts of ethics and autonomous ownership of self. If you labor in exchange for currency, and then in turn use that currency to purchase an item, does it make any sense logically or ethically that another entity or person can take that from you?

Let us come back to the concept of a flag. The long and the short of it is, that a flag is an item. A bible, a flag, a ring, a phone-book, a table, or shirt. These are items that can be obtained by an individual in fair ways. These items are then owned by that person. If I wish to break my table into firewood, burn my flag in protest, or wear my shirt inside out… I can do so.

You are more than welcome to be offended at the act of a symbol you love, being destroyed. If a protest upsets you, I imagine that might be the intent of the person performing such actions. The act of a protest is to wake others up to a truth that said person believes in. Shocking imagery and actions are used as attention-getting tactics. These could be viewed as wrong or disrespectful in your eyes, but that doesn’t give you any more right to stop them.

Further simplification. Are You Being Hurt? Unless someone physically holds you down and lights a flag on fire that is draped across your body, you aren’t being hurt. There is no physical harm. You could argue for emotional damage or psychological trauma, but once we get to that point, where do we draw the line? I could get offended that McDonald’s arches are yellow and my religions sacred color is yellow. I could sue anyone for anything or claim that I am justified in inciting violence simply because I am offended.


You could literally print a picture of my mother, draw dicks all over the front, and burn it at a protest if you like. Is it disrespectful? Surely. It won’t win me over as a friend and I damn sure will not be attending any functions you host. You still have the freedom to do that. If you actively make threats against my family promising violence or actually do pose an immediate threat that could be seen by any sensible person? Then we do have a real world issue that needs to be handled and solved.

No one is attacking you via the act of burning a flag, or a bible. There is just no reason to react with violence. You also have the freedom to express yourself. If it makes you feel better, burn something symbolizing their beliefs. However, don’t make the common mistake of thinking that you are justified in threatening them or their families in the name of… whatever, just because an effigy or representation of your belief is harmed. Now if someone walks onto your property, steals your flag, and THEN burns it? Now we have something to talk about.

– Matthew Pizgatti


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Open Carry in McAllen Texas 2013

Today and Yesterday, patriots gathered across the state of Texas to exercise their right to open carry long guns.

While I was attending and assisting host the Open Carry Denton walk, an even bigger event was taking place in McAllen.

Following the illegal and unconstitutional arrest of Murdoch Pizgatti (Zach Horton) in McAllen, Texas this last Wednesday, everyone decided to show the Police Department how we feel. It was decided that we would not take this abuse. The amazing thing with this event is that so many people showed up in support of open carry and our rights, even with just a few days notice. A few people traveled from the Dallas Metroplex, Houston and from other cities all over the state.

It seems that a crowd of 78-100 citizens gathered at the peak of the event Saturday. Sunday had a large turnout as well. It was very exciting to have everyone gathered. I will point out as well that this is the same parking lot that Murdoch was arrested in, for having his weapon IN HIS TRUNK.

Below is a gallery of a few images from this event:


For a bit more backstory or information:




EVERYONE did a great job with this event. It was great to see everyone out in McAllen and locally in Denton. This is what we have to keep doing. Stand up for your rights. Stay within the law. You get jailed illegally? Do not put up for it. Always travel with a buddy or tell someone where you are exercising your rights until we can make this an every day occurrence. If you get detained illegally, we all have your back.

-Matthew Pizgatti

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Update on Murdoch Pizgatti’s Illegal Arrest

This is an update to the story:

I will be updating this page with anything new I hear. Updates will appear towards the top of this page.

(Remember that everyone online and at events knows him as Murdoch. The news articles will have him under Zach Horton. No one is hiding anything behind aliases, that would be pointless online in the first place. It’s just a first layer of defense, which is easily broken online. Just a note…)

08/11/2013 – ANOTHER great 2nd amendment rally in front of the Police Department. There was a  large turnout today as well. Hopefully this area gets the message. We do not budge when it comes to constitutional rights. Not now. Not EVER. The next update would be on the charges if there are any. At this point it seems the DA will drop the charges. I don’t believe Murdoch is looking to file a lawsuit at this time, according to his last radio interview.

08/10/2013 – Murdoch has his truck back. Over 80+ patriots and supporters of the constitution filed out onto the sidewalk and parking lot in front of the McAllen Police Department. Keep in mind that these men and women (and children) are open carrying in the VERY SAME parking lot that Murdoch Pizgatti (Zach Horton) was arrested within. The police department know they have made a mistake here. They even put up a cute meaningless sign in front of the door to show us their incredible grammar skills.

McAllen Police Department says Prohibited items are Prohibited

McAllen Police Department says Prohibited items are Prohibited

08/09/2013 Evening Time – Update at this time is that Murdoch has received is phone and weapons back from the Police Department. This in itself is good, it shows an understanding that they were in the wrong. Tomorrow is Saturday, and an Open Carry rally is scheduled to take place at noon in front of the Police Department.

08/09/2013 @ 10:00AM – Last I’ve heard from him, Murdoch is doing fine. He was glad to get some real food in him and have a bathroom to use. A few bullet points:

  • He was not read his rights until the next morning when he was standing in front of the Judge
  • He asked for a bathroom at one point and was directed to the drain of his tiny cell; he was instructed to use that
  • His phone was kept as “evidence”
  • His truck is officially “on hold”
  • His knife was confiscated illegally.

Everyone needs to try to make it out tomorrow who is able. There are multiple carpool options going on if needed.

08/08/2013 – Open Carry Texas members and others who support started throwing funds together for the bond. The bond was set at an exorbitant amount of $25,000. If I understand correctly, a lower amount was accepted with a local bondsman that was contacted. Big thanks are in order for OCT and all who supported on Facebook to get Murdoch released, and a ride home as quickly as possible. Of course he isn’t going home…he is going to the protest SATURDAY AT NOON! We need everyone there who can make it…

08/07/2013 @ 06:30PM – Arrested for Criminal Trespassing and Weapon in a Prohibited place. Trespassing is later dropped (once the phone lines of the Police Department blew up).

I want to point out here that most of the news articles have the order of events WRONG.

Murdoch FIRST entered the station requesting to take photos OUTSIDE with his rifle. He was at this point illegally SEARCHED (4th amendment violation) and his knife was confiscated. His knife (I’ve seen it in person and have seen it measured) is UNDER the illegal limit of 5.5 inches. He was well within right to have it, and it wasn’t on display… they had to illegally search to confiscate this knife. He left as he was instructed to do. He THEN later decided to file a formal complaint on the officers involved in violating his rights.

Throughout all of this his RIFLE WAS IN THE TRUNK of his truck, in the parking lot. He calls ahead to let the police department know that he would be coming to file a complaint. Upon arriving, he is ordered away from the car with a handgun pointed at his face. He is ordered onto the ground, and then arrested. THEN his vehicle was searched, and his rifle confiscated as well. After a long evening of waiting, the bond is set at $25,000!

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Unlawful Arrest of Murdoch Pizgatti – Come and Take it Texas Member

Murdoch Pizgatti has been arrested on bogus charges. Below is the story straight from CJ Grisham. CJ you will remember is the one that was unlawfully arrested last March. His whole court case is still ongoing, but Murdoch and a few others helped throw together the COME AND TAKE IT Temple event this last June. We had a VERY large turnout. CJ and Murdoch and a few others helped get Open Carry Texas started (link at the bottom of this post), which helps educate the public (and officers) on the legality of Open Carrying a Rifle in Texas.


Story of the incident that happened today (the 7th of August):


One of our founding members, Murdoch, has just been arrested and booked for “criminal trespass” and “weapon in a prohibited area” in McAllen, Texas. He was on public property. He went to the police station to inform them that he was going to take a picture with his rifle in front of the police department as we have done in several other cities around the state. They immediately and illegally searched him and confiscated his legally possessed K-bar (only 5 1/4 inches long) and told him to leave, which he did. He then decided to return to file a formal complaint and called the police department to let them know he was coming back to do so. When he arrived at the police station, officers immediately drew on him, forced him to the ground, and arrested him. HE NEVER ONCE OPENLY CARRIED HIS FIREARM; IT WAS IN HIS TRUCK THE ENTIRE TIME. He will be at the McAllen jail overnight and then is getting transferred to County in the morning.

OCT board members did a conference call with the Lieutenant to explain that they are violating the law and illegally detained our member. He said that Murdoch couldn’t “alarm” people and that the courthouse and jail were attached to the back side of the police station. This is not a crime as long as there isn’t a capital offense being tried, which there wasn’t. When we explained the law to the Lieutenant and explained that we would bring down as many members as we could to open carry on their doorstep if they didn’t release him, he hung up on us.

McAllen Police Department Chief of Police Victor Rodriguez
McAllen Police Department Chief of Police Victor Rodriguez

We need as many people as we can muster to rally at the McAllen Police Department at noon on Saturday to put the police department there on notice that our rights will not be infringed. I will create an event page and share in both forums. I know this is way out of the way, but if we don’t stand up where we can, we have no business being here.


If you’d like to contact the police department, here is their contact information:

Police Department
1601 N. Bicentennial Blvd.
McAllen, TX 78501 (Map)

Phone: (956) 681-2000

There you have it. This cannot be tolerated. Anyone who can show up, please do so. I can’t make it all the way down due to personal constraints. We will still be walking Denton, Texas with our rifles in support… as far as I am aware. This will all be on Saturday.

Fax number: 956-681-2081

Help out in any way you can. Spread the word. The PR alone will help take these LEO’s down a peg, if they don’t know the law yet… they will learn.

-Matthew Pizgatti




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Come and Take it Temple Texas!

A great event going on in Temple, Texas, on June 1st. Below is an excerpt of the information. Bring your long guns and join the march. Murdoch and Tony Pizgatti maintain www.dontcomply.com which has more information.

We will be gathering for a legal armed open carry march to raise public awareness of gun laws in Texas. It is partially in response to the Temple Police Department violating the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of Active Duty MSGT Christopher J. Grisham HERE. Please join us all. We will be exercising our rights as free men and women. Be part of the solution. All permits and armed march route has been approved and coordinated with the city and local authorities. Come out for music, great speakers, food and a march around the police station and town square.

 Half Page Flyer

When:  June 1st
Where: Temple, TX
Venue: Community Market 212 S. Main St.
Time:  10:00am-4:00pm

Here is the most direct link to the information: http://www.dontcomply.com/comeandtakeittemple/
f you cannot make it, please help by donating on the page above. Any help is appreciated. Do not let our rights be trampled!

-Matthew Pizgatti

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Hollow Point Rounds – Ammunition

If you aren’t familiar with the different kinds of ammunition, you have still most likely heard the term “hollow point”. I will be going over a few aspects of this kind of ammunition, giving you a run down over the basics.

As the name implies, the hollow point bullet has a hollowed out tip. Refer to the picture below. The hollow point round is made to expand from the tip upon impact. This creates more damage as it disturbs more tissue on the way through. This also has the effect of slowing the bullet, and reducing over penetration. In some instance such on an aircraft, stopping the bullet short or slowing it down helps reduce collateral damage. All kinetic energy is transferred from the bullet, instead of in the case of a full metal jacketed bullet where the some energy is retained in the round as it passes through.

hollow point

Hollow Point

Plated or Jacketed hollow points are covered in a coating of harder metal to increase bullet strength and to prevent fouling the barrel with lead stripped from the bullet. The term hollow-cavity bullet is used to describe a hollow point where the hollow is unusually large, sometimes dominating the volume of the bullet, and causes extreme expansion or fragmentation on impact. This is especially good when the extra stopping power is desired, and you want to be sure there is no over penetration. There are even plastic tipped rounds, that imitate the aerodynamics of a Spitzer round, while still having the impact and stopping power of a hollow point.

Hollow point ammunition is unique in the way that it expands and was a very innovative invention. They were originally brought to production in small amounts at the end of the 19th century. Originally marketed as “express bullets”, the idea was that a hollow tip reduced mass and made for higher velocity. Of course the “mushrooming” effect was observed, and has been improved upon. Ammunition designed to be used in higher velocity rifles, is usually “jacketed” in a slightly harder metal such as copper or steel. This improves the strength of the round and reduces the amount of residue left in the bore.

hollow point image

mushroomed hollow point round before and after

Modern hollowpoint bullet designs use many different methods to give controlled expansion, including:

  • Jackets that are thinner near the front than the rear to allow easy expansion at the beginning, then a reduced expansion rate
  • Partitions in the middle of the bullet core to stop expansion at a given point
  • Bonding the lead core to the copper jacket to prevent separation and fragmentation
  • Fluted or otherwise weakened jackets to encourage expansion or fragmentation
  • Posts in the hollow cavity to cause hydraulic expansion of the bullet in tissue. While very effective in lightly clothed targets, these bullet types tend to plug up with heavy clothing materials that results in the bullet not expanding.
  • Solid copper hollow points, which are far stronger than jacketed lead, and offer controlled, uniform expansion even at high velocities
  • Plastic inserts in the hollow, which provide the same profile as a full metal jacketed round (such as the Hornady V-Max bullet). The plastic insert initiates the expansion of the bullet by being forced into the hollow cavity upon impact.
  • Plastic inserts in the hollow to provide the same profile for feeding in semiautomatic and automatic weapons as a full metal jacketed round but that separate on firing while in flight or in the barrel (such as the German Geco “Action Safety” 9 mm round)

Interestingly enough The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibited the use in international warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body. Without mentioning the Geneva Convention, this convention was actually a continuation of the St. Petersburg Declaration. The St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, which prohibited and banned exploding projectiles of less than 400 grams, as well as weapons designed to aggravate injured soldiers or make their death certain. NATO members do not use small arms ammunition that is prohibited by the Hague Convention. All of this and more is why I found it so interesting when our own DHS bought millions of rounds of hollow point ammo.

Federal Hollow PointMany of you may know however that despite the military prohibitions, hollow points are the most popular with civilians and law enforcement. They incapacitate faster, and there is less collateral damage or possibility of a bystander getting hit. Basically to sum up the explanation. Hollow points how amazing stopping power due to the expanding radial diameter upon impact. Practically all the kinetic energy is thrown into the target, in the case of a soft fleshy target a lot of muscle and tissue is disturbed. These rounds punch a bigger hole, and don’t always come out the other side (usually they do not). These would bring most any fleshy target down, and can cause nice damage to other types of material as well. I like to keep these loaded in the bedside rifle. These rounds are perfect for taking down an intruder quickly and efficiently without accidentally hitting other family with a fly through.

expansion of hollow tip

Expansion caught with a still shot

I hoped you enjoyed our little lesson today, and learned something from it. Hollow point ammunition can be quite lethal and is not legally in use by the military. It is however perfect for safer target shooting and stopping an intruder quickly.

Thank you for reading,

-Matthew Pizgatti

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Unschooling and Homeschooling

The world we live in is a scary place as a parent and as a child. As a child we don’t know the fear of specifics, only a the vague looming presence. As a parent we want many things for our children. We want our children to be strong, healthy, and smart. We want our children to be successful in whatever pursuit they may pursue throughout their lives. To do this we have to give them the best upbringing we are able to provide. The best raising at home, the best education, the best food and nutritional information they need to stay healthy and ahead of the game.

We place them in the best schools. Or so we think. If you have read my article on compulsory schooling then you might know how I feel about this issue. From any study done, there is considerable psychological damage from the current school system. If your child is one that might excel, he or she is held back and not allowed to advance. Personally I was always held back, and told I wasn’t allowed to read certain books above my “level” or learn about new things. Most schools stifle creativity and play. Learning is not all about test scores and book smarts, we put too much emphasis on these things. Real learning comes from play and imagination. It comes from discovery and interaction.

Have you ever just let your child explore? Of course you have, when they were babies. A toddler is often allowed free time to explore their space, play with their own toys and learn about the environment. Humans are animals, and like any animal we need room to grown and learn things on our own. If we constantly show our children the way, there is no chance in hell that they will walk the path we point towards. Whether a two year old, or a fifteen year old, children must have room to advance on their own. We learn from watching others, and doing. Certain things need to be taught such as reading, writing, and simple mathematics. However enjoying music is not taught. Appreciating someone’s art work is not taught or learned behavior. Art, music, and philosophy… these important elements of human nature are not just taught in a school. We must learn and develop these skills ourselves.

When I say you should homeschool your children, I mean it. Before I entered the system I was a homeschooled child, I am better off because of it. If you really want to instill your values into a child, homeschool them. Children pick up right and wrong from those around you. If you send your child into catholic school with perverted priests, or public schools where they ban evolution in the classroom then that is up to you. When I was young I was taught to question everything, including authority. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, this is how we learn. Modern public schools will make your child feel downtrodden and kicked around. I’m not talking about being outcast from other children, that they will get over. I’m talking about from the teachers and people in authority positions. In modern public school, you are dumbed down into a lower state of learning and exploration on purpose.

The government doesn’t want your child to learn. The 12+ year schooling process is similar to many long term torture techniques. This is combined with brain numbing and brainwashing techniques. Your child is in this institution day after day, often too tired to do anything in the evening but sleep. Weekends keep the burden of school hanging over their heads with homework and stress. Childhood should be a fun memory, a joyous time, not a numbing injection of stress work. Where is the time for play and exploration? When I surf the internet (which I don’t condone more than a few hours a day for children) I find all kinds of information. We would be fools to not let our children take advantage of this wondrous learning tool! Your child wants to know where the sun goes at night? Or perhaps why spiders spin webs? Maybe your child wants to know all about the duck-billed platypus. Even you Christians wouldn’t deny your child the right of learning about topics that interest them immensley?

This is exactly what the public schools want, to deny your child’s creativity and free thought. In school you learn what they want, when they want you to learn it. This goes even down to what “level” of book you want to read. This is rediculous. With the fluoride in the water sedating us, mercury in the vaccines causing autism disorders/cancer, and everything else…why add on brainwashing from school? You should care about your children as a parent. You should want them to learn.

If you feel you must follow the rules, please find your local branch of government and ask about the regulations. See what accredited program you need to follow. Even a cookie cutter program, if taught at home will do wonders for your child’s development. If you want to go the route of complete homeschool or unschooling then more power to you! To be clear, unschooling does not mean no proper education at all. For the most part it just means embracing what I have already explained, and that is just that children need room to explore and grow. If you allow them to ask questions and choose topics to learn about, they will be interested. Children WANT TO LEARN! Limit TV and video game usage in a day, force them to play outside and with other children. There are many homeschool groups with other parents and children to meet. If there is no local group, form one.

Read to your children often when they are younger. As they grown and age they will thank you for it. Instilling an appreciation of books is important, this next generation will need to appreciate books and written knowledge as much as technology. Technology is a tool, but not THE tool. If you have the time or the means, consider homeschooling or unschooling you child. A deschooling project perhaps is in order, if your child has been in the public system for years already. Your government wants complacent slaves to work in this corporate world. They don’t want us smart and sober, because then we start to ask questions and see the truth. Be part of the solution, find a way to homeschool your children if you are able.

There are an increasing number of stories where vaccines are given without parental consent. News articles where there has been a “disaster’ and parents cannot get their children. The system can literally kidnap your child and take them to an undisclosed location, and not let you see your own child! They do NOT need your permission for vaccines or anything anymore. I personally work my self into the ground if I need to, my child will not enter the system for as long as I can help it. We don’t want your fluoride, and mercury. We do not want your education system, your slave factory. We don’t want to put our children in for twelve years and receive a sheep in return. I love my bright, intelligent toddler and wouldn’t trade that for the world. My message to parents is to be part of the solution, wake up and spread the word.

Unschooling. Deschooling. Homeschooling. Whichever way you go, whatever you want to call it… for the majority of children there is nothing better this day in age. Do not let your children be enslaved by the system.

-Matthew Pizgatti

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Aspartame – The Silent Assassin Part 1

Here you can play the original audio for Silent Assassin 1, it is a bit longer than video but more in depth.

Silent Killer Aspartame ▶ custom player




-Matthew Pizgatti


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A fleeting glance out the window
Lets me know who you are
and perhaps where you want to be
But I am still wondering when you want to go

We all put it off ’till we can bear no more
Is there a reason to stay
Other than fear
Most of what we hear, I see as lore’

It’s not really so bad, might even be pleasant
Who really knows for sure
They say we never know until we try
I wonder all the things while glancing at the great crescent

For one, I, say we might as well try
I’m ready to go, anyone want to join can come
Should be fun, last great adventure
Pray it shall be better than this so called lie

Would you like to fly
to feel the air through your soul
I would say it’s true, and heres the quote
“To conquer death, you only have to die”

 By: Matthew Pizgatti

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Justice Halls

Justice Halls

I walk through the corridors by night,
I wonder what could have gone wrong
What could instill this fright
What could make us sing their song

I realize it’s all been planned
It’s happening as I speak
Little do we know we’ve been damned
They think we defeated, weak

They started from young
We were lead astray
I thought truth they sung
Until I saw what was on the tray

Lies they fed
Hoping to deceive
We’re safe in our head
Or so we believe

Truth be told, they knew the cost
But they saw the profit before
Now soon, it seems all is lost
The world a Babylonian whore

Arise I tell you, all is not lost
Arise for the day is near
We will arise, no matter the cost
It should be us they fear

I tell you this, to be prepared
To let the whisper drive on
Keep your neighbor, from being ensnared
It might start at breaking of dawn

We will win in the end, from the clutches of greed
They will see the error of their lies
We will shake free, rip up evil’s seed
Until every last remnant dies

It will repeat, as history does
But pray we shall be more prepared
Justice is blind, it always was
To be it’s eyes we have dared

I still walk the corridors by night
Now I know what went wrong
The people forgot they can fight
They’ve once broken free of this song

They say those that forget the past
Are always due to repeat
I wonder how long this cycle can last
I suppose I might should have a seat

I can walk the corridors by day
Although a bit less inviting
I wonder what people might say
To see me internally fighting

So we struggle through life
So much ’till it ends
How bloody the knife
The pain that it lends

You walk the corridors, although unaware
I see you often, though you quickly depart
You slowly will wake, see what is fair
And will help with the quest, to free the heart

These corridors are lonely
I hope the crowd grows
The wish “If only, If only”
Their hopefulness shows

Walk with me, you might see a change
I confess I do not know when
This new age might be strange
But certainly justice can’t be sin

I walk the corridors by day and night
Hoping it will help make the change
We will fight for justice and what is right
Its up to you on just how to arrange

By: Matthew Pizgatti

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