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"I Believe in Freedom. I believe in an educated populace. Above all I believe that most people have something to contribute to the world. My words and actions may mean little to some, but have great meaning to others. All I can do, day after day, is strive to do better than the day before. I want to share any knowledge I have of the world and skills I possess, so that others may benefit. I am always trying to learn about my hobbies/passions and always trying to improve my life as well as the lives of those around me."

Stay Informed

Stay Informed 11-11-15-18-33-01   -Matthew Pizgatti

A little laugh…

I found this on someone else’s blog while looking for some other magicians that might be around. It gave me a chuckle at least: A magician needed a break from the stress of city living, and so took a job … Continue reading


Palming…oh yes I said it, the dreaded “P” word. I know you don’t want to talk about it, many of you don’t. Scary, hard, ballsy, risky, dreadful…just a few of the choice words people use to describe it. But believe … Continue reading

Constant Force

The other day I was posed an interesting question.   “Why not just force every time?”   So I thought for a moment, and when I really thought about it…”Why not?” What would be wrong with forcing a card, every … Continue reading

Magical Gestures

I wanted to talk about…Magical Gestures. ie. The snap, hand wave, riffling the deck, clinking a coin…or whatever else you use. This is a point in the art that is greatly overlooked. Many seem to think that it is not … Continue reading

Fascist America

Fascist America Wrapped in a flag, Laid on a Cross, If that’s the disguise, I feel we’re at loss… I try to contain, The madness within, I fear others don’t see, So how do we win? They go about their … Continue reading

Can’t Stop

Can’t Stop I sit alone in this cell, desolate and useless I dwell they turn off the lights I’m left in dark here come all the frights they make no remark to all my screams pleasure to them is it … Continue reading

Silence and Sound

Silence and Sound *Note: I wrote this when I was much younger, around 10 or so I believe. I thought out of my younger stuff it was one I should put up because I always liked it. Just judge according … Continue reading

Nerves and “Shakes” (“What’s Wrong with You Mr. Magician?”)

Having problems with nerves? Are your hands starting to shake while performing, and you think others will notice? I have one thing to tell you… ITS NATURAL. Anyone who has ever performed will tell you this, and it’s true. Getting … Continue reading

Selfish Between Dimensions

Selfish Between Dimensions A fleeting glance over the rooftop, Gives me meaning as I fly, I want to go, no time to stop, To rest would surely mean I die. You care not, except for yourself, That’s the world, and … Continue reading