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"I Believe in Freedom. I believe in an educated populace. Above all I believe that most people have something to contribute to the world. My words and actions may mean little to some, but have great meaning to others. All I can do, day after day, is strive to do better than the day before. I want to share any knowledge I have of the world and skills I possess, so that others may benefit. I am always trying to learn about my hobbies/passions and always trying to improve my life as well as the lives of those around me."

Burn the Flag? – Offensive and Overblown

Would you allow a flag burning in your vicinity? Does it offend you to see one burnt? These seem like reasonable questions to ask. In reality, almost everything in life comes down to personal choices, preferences, and a few logic … Continue reading

Open Carry in McAllen Texas 2013

Today and Yesterday, patriots gathered across the state of Texas to exercise their right to open carry long guns. While I was attending and assisting host the Open Carry Denton walk, an even bigger event was taking place in McAllen. … Continue reading

Update on Murdoch Pizgatti’s Illegal Arrest

This is an update to the story: I will be updating this page with anything new I hear. Updates will appear towards the top of this page. (Remember that everyone online and at events knows him as Murdoch. The news … Continue reading

Unlawful Arrest of Murdoch Pizgatti – Come and Take it Texas Member

Murdoch Pizgatti has been arrested on bogus charges. Below is the story straight from CJ Grisham. CJ you will remember is the one that was unlawfully arrested last March. His whole court case is still ongoing, but Murdoch and a … Continue reading

Come and Take it Temple Texas!

A great event going on in Temple, Texas, on June 1st. Below is an excerpt of the information. Bring your long guns and join the march. Murdoch and Tony Pizgatti maintain which has more information. We will be gathering for … Continue reading

Hollow Point Rounds – Ammunition

If you aren’t familiar with the different kinds of ammunition, you have still most likely heard the term “hollow point”. I will be going over a few aspects of this kind of ammunition, giving you a run down over the … Continue reading

Unschooling and Homeschooling

The world we live in is a scary place as a parent and as a child. As a child we don’t know the fear of specifics, only a the vague looming presence. As a parent we want many things for … Continue reading

Aspartame – The Silent Assassin Part 1

Here you can play the original audio for Silent Assassin 1, it is a bit longer than video but more in depth. Silent Killer Aspartame ▶ custom player Enjoy…     -Matthew Pizgatti  


Death A fleeting glance out the window Lets me know who you are and perhaps where you want to be But I am still wondering when you want to go We all put it off ’till we can bear no … Continue reading

Justice Halls

Justice Halls I walk through the corridors by night, I wonder what could have gone wrong What could instill this fright What could make us sing their song I realize it’s all been planned It’s happening as I speak Little … Continue reading